Our Mission is to Help Each Individual Achieve Optimal Health

Doctor of Naturopathy

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Masters in Herbology

Certified Nutritionist

CERT Trained (Community Emergency Response Teams)

Licensed Cosmetician

Speaker for American Heart Association

Member of International Foundation for Nutrition and Health

Health Wellness From Within: The First Step

More than 300,000 Americans will die this year alone from heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses related to overweight and obesity. Obesity-related illness is the fastest-growing killer of Americans. The good news is that it’s completely preventable through healthy eating — nutritious foods in appropriate amounts — and physical activity. The bad news is, Americans are not taking the steps needed to prevent obesity and its co-morbidities. The same is true for other diseases related to poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking and substance abuse. Put simply, we need a paradigm shift in American health care.

Healthy For Life is a nutritional, education and consulting center designed to improve health and create healthier lifestyles. Healthy For Life is a local and national resource to teach and guide individuals, corporations, and physician/health professionals through systematic, results-oriented programs designed to help balance the body’s nutritional needs; correct poor eating habits; and lose or gain weight safely, if needed.

In addition, Healthy For Life helps to develop, facilitate and promote wellness centers within corporations and physicians’ offices. By utilizing cost-effective, comprehensive programs and identifying factors of health risk, we become partners in a prevention-oriented society to improve self-esteem and the sense of well-being. With a passion to make a difference, and compassion in the success of each client, optimal health is our goal for each client we meet.