Why you can’t eat Well

Some foods provide the vital phytochemicals your body needs.

Some foods provide the vital phytochemicals your body needs.

God and Mother Nature make sense, they are always logical.  You eat fruit and vegetables for the nutrition or what is now being called phytochemicals.  That’s why you eat them but what do phytochemicals do for the plant? They’re in the plant for a reason. When you first plant seeds,  they have no nutritional value or phytochemicals in them (other wise you could just eat the seeds). As the plant grows and breaks above ground level, the full strength of the sun hits the leaves and the plant begins a process called photosynthesis, or in laymen’s terms, begins to create phytochemicals/nutrition. But where are the phytochemicals growing? In the roots below ground level.

Then the plant grows until it is 100% ripe (remember God and Mother Nature make sense, they are always logical). Now the plant has been growing with the full strength of the sun beating down on it and growing as fast as it can. But once the plant is ripe, we don’t want it to go from ripe to rotten, do we? Remember all those phytochemicals that are being stored in the roots? Once the plant is 100% vine ripened, the phytochemicals are released to come up through the roots, past the stalk and into the skins and pulp of the fruit and vegetables. The phytochemicals act as a sun block to slow down the aging process of the plants so they don’t go from ripe to rotten so fast.

Think of phytochemicals as SP-50. God and Mother Nature do make sense. Now the problem, remember when you brought home that green banana and put it on the shelf until it “ripened” and turned yellow? “After” it turned yellow it triggered the mechanism asking for the nutrition to be sent up. However, the nutrition is back on the farm in another state or country! All of our plants, fruits and vegetables are picked green and shipped to the stores and they ripen in the box, separated from the nutrition.

God and Mother Nature makes sense and they give you back up systems to figure out if you should be eating the fruits and veggies yet. Nutrition or phytochemicals are the aroma in the plants. If they don’t smell really delicious they were picked green and have little or no nutrition in them. The second clue is when you bite into your fruit or veggies and they have no taste — that’s because nutrition is the taste in the plant. If they don’t taste good that’s because they were picked green.

Now you have a catch-22 situation, if you pick them ripe they’ll spoil on the way to market; if you pick them green they will have no nutrition when they do get to market.  Solution? Pick them ripe, and then flash freeze dry them and take out the water so they don’t spoil, and ship them in a food supplement.

Want proof? Go to the store and grab a tomato from the shelf and then go to a friend’s house or a farm that grows tomatoes and pick a vine-ripened tomato. Take a thin slice from both tomatoes and go into your back yard and throw them on the ground, then watch which one the ants go for. You won’t think you’re at the top of the food chain when the ants ignore the tomato that’s usually in your burger, and go straight to the vine ripened tomato.

You should still eat fruits and vegetables for the fiber, roughage and natural enzymes. But you have to back it up with supplements for the nutrition, because it’s physically impossible for a store to have a vine ripened fruit and vegetable with nutrition in it without being spoiled, and it’s impossible for a green harvested fruit and vegetable to have nutrition in it, period.